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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Precious Life

With the help of a prominent Israeli journalist, Precious Life chronicles the struggle of an Israeli pediatrician and a Palestinian mother to get treatment for her baby, who suffers from an incurable genetic disease. Each must face their most profound biases as they inch towards a possible friendship in an impossible reality.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Eyal Yifrah Singing, A Week Before He Was Kidnapped

The boy on the right is Eyal Yifrah. He is one of the 3 Jewish teens who were kidnapped by Hamas affiliated terrorists recently. Imagine this harmless kid was your child, does he deserve to be kidnapped and possibly murdered!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

PM Netanyahu's Statement Regarding The Kidnapping Of Israeli Teenagers by Hamas

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Statement Regarding the Kidnapping of Israeli Teenagers by Hamas

Anti-Jewish Arabs Harass Jews In Jerusalem & Block Path

The thing is that these may be kids standing here in the frame, but this is a complete setup when you look at the background. These kids have some form of weapon to hit these guys with, plus the adult Arabs are waiting for one of them to do something so that they can step in and claim they were helping the "innocent" kids. One of the kids is shouting anti-Semitic abuse. The kids will start the fight and then the adults will also step in....believe me I have been in a situation like this, you don't want to be in it even if you think the kids are harmless. They are also doing this to humiliate these guys on camera as they know they wont do a thing about it because their lives will be in danger.

Alan Dershowitz: BDS Is An Immoral Movement

Alan Dershowitz at the Herzlia Conference 2014.

The greatest damage that BDS has inflicted is not on Israel. It is on the peace process with the Palestinians by BDS persuading the Palestinian leadership that they will gain more if they hold out longer, and renounce normalization with Israel. Huge damage has also been inflicted on genuine human rights causes by the gross BDS exaggerations and false 'human rights' accusations hurled against Israel.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mohammad Zoabi’s Strong Message About The Kidnappings

I originally published this on Israellycool blog.

In response to the recent kidnapping of 3 Jewish Israeli teens by a terrorist group, Mohammad Zoabi gives his strong message to the terrorists and to Bibi Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel…his message is in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

It’s easy for me to say his words publicly…it takes guts for an Arab to do the same and live to tell the tale!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tamir Yacobi "Breaks The Silence"

Tamir Yacobi "Breaks the silence" at a "Breaking the silence" event in Tel Aviv. His full testimony can be seen below the video.

Here is the full testimony:

"I enlisted in 2006, to the Armored Corps, to the 75th Battalion of the highly illustrious and decorated 7th Brigade, which participated at all of Israel's wars. The Brigade is also known as "Storm from the Golan". After we enlisted, we were brainwashed, positively, told of heroic deeds and fierce battles. I thought I would be honored to serve my country in that brigade. From time to time, we were switched to Infantry duty, patrolling various points in Israel. Our patrols have caught quite a few Palestinians attempting to cross from the Palestinian Authority areas into Israel.

I can never forget seeing them for the first time... they were just sitting there, in the holding cells, their eyes covered and their hands tied. I was just a young soldier. So I asked one our sergeants, "what are you going to do with them?" He looked at me with dead eyes and said: "Nothing, we're transferring them to the Police or to the Border Police." I could not imagine what they would suffer there...

That was, before I discovered that they would be held for three (3) days, and then set free. In fact, before we transferred them to the Police, we provided them with blankets and food, and even cigarettes...

Are you getting that?! These people, who could have been terrorists bent on murder, and murder just because their victims belong to a different nationality, as did the Nazis and before them the Crusaders, would be returned safely to their homes!

However, their intention did not prevent me, or any other IDF soldier, from providing them with all of the Human Rights they are entitled to. And we do that, knowing that there is a good possibility that one of them could be a heinous terrorist bent on slaughtering me -- me, the one that calls you brothers and sisters -- or your children and your families.

And that is the virtue that makes the IDF the most moral army of the world, and turns you, people, into jackals tainted with anti-Semitism that try to besmirch the most moral army in the world with lies and slander.

But here, at least, your attempt to use the IDF as a pawn in your political game didn't succeed. And you know why? Because we Israelis know the truth full well, and we know who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys. And you? Have you understood that yet?"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

IBSI Presents Martin Luther King’s Pro-Israel Legacy

Dumisani Washington of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) reiterate Dr. Martin Luther King's words as if he were with us today. It is only a quoting (in context) of his own words as pertain to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict.

(h/t: Israellycool)

What happened to the UN ?

UN Watch's 2014 battle to defend the founding principles of the UN from assault by dictatorships. Screened first in Geneva at the UN Watch 2014 Annual Gala, May 22, 2014.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Atsmon Yahav of Im Tirzu: "I'm proud of our treatment of minorities"

Tobias Peterson interviews Atsmon Yahav from Israeli Zionist organisation Im Tirzu.

Hamas TV show teaches Arab children to kill Jews

The young Hamas TV host Rawan talks to a young girl in the studio named Tulin, who tells her she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. The child host directs her to the conclusion that as a police officer she would shoot “all the Jews.”

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tuvia Grossman meets the IDF soldier who saved his life

In 2000, the media published a photo of Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago -- bloodied and battered -- crouching beneath a club-wielding Israeli policeman. The caption identified him as a Palestinian victim of Israeli brutality -- with the clear implication that the Israeli soldier was the one who beat him. In fact, the policeman saved his life.

Ten years later, HonestReporting reunited Tuvia and his rescuer for the first time since those terrible events. Watch the video to witness their dramatic reunion.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Arab breaks Jew's skull in Shavuot attack

The attack took place in Jerusalem as a group of Jewish youths made their way to the Kotel. A Jewish youth suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding. The attacker was arrested.

Anti-Semitic wall painting at Cleveland gas station

Mayor calls for graphic mural to be taken down at Biggies gas station, owned by a Palestinian Muslim Brahim "Abe" Ayad, in Cleveland.

A video I found of him showing off his anti-Semitic painting

Here is a video I found of a police officer questioning him due to possible possession of child porn as he claimed on his own Facebook page.

Another video I found of him giving an anti-Semitic rant about Jews controlling everything.

Hamas police brutally assault Gaza citizens on "Nakba Day"

Hamas police assault Gaza citizens on "Nakba Day" 15/05/2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mohammad Zoabi Speaks About Israel

Mohammad Zoabi releases a new video of himself talking about Israel and about being a proud Israeli, Zionist, Muslim, Arab!

(h/t: Israellycool)

An interview with Mohammad Zoabi, the Israeli, Zionist, Arab, Muslim!

Mohammad Zoabi describes Himself as an Israeli, Zionist. Arab, Muslim. He is super proud to be an Israeli where he and his family were born. He calls on all Israeli Arabs to join the IDF, or to at least do some civil service for the country.

Orim Shimshon interviewed on Israel's Channel 2 News

Orim Shimshon attended a Syrian anti-Assad rally in London's Trafalgar Square with a small Israeli flag and a paper sign. It caused a fuss there and Orim ended up being interviewed by Israel's Channel 2 News.

Orim Shimshon surprises a Syrian anti-Assad rally in the UK

Orim Shimshon attended an anti-Assad rally in Trafalgar Square with a couple of his friends. He wanted to see their reaction to his presence there with his sign and Israeli flag. His sign read "A big thank you to Israel for helping injured civilians from Syria". "A little flag can make so much noise!", he says!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The real face of BDS at NUI Galway

Prof. Alan Johnson shouted down by anti-Semitic BDS supporter and student, Joseph Loughnane, at NUI Galway.

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